Monday, September 10, 2007

An end to laziness

Hi readers. I must apologize for my recent lack of bloggage. I know, I know, it's NOT okay to post two links in a row and pretend you're actually blogging. Shameful. I should be disbarred from the blar association. That was me trying to combine "bar" with "blog." Blar. ANYWAY. My excuse for not writing is that I just got back to Harvard last week and have been readjusting to the life of a law student. This readjustment process has mainly consisted of daily buying unnecessary items at the drug store (it's good to be back, CVS), drinking beer, and reading Perez Hilton's ongoing, riveting coverage of Britney Spears' flabby performance at the VMA's. (

Unfortunately I don't have any exciting news to report. My life has been busy with stuff that people probably don't care to read about: doling out magnanimous and perhaps dangerous advice to undergrads who want to apply to law school, bidding on law firms for upcoming on-campus interviews, going to class, blah blah blah. I guess I kinda just forced you to read about it despite is non-noteworthiness.

The only cool thing I've done recently is throw a party at the apartment on Saturday with my now-roommate, Elise. The party clearly deserved an entire (would-be-study) day of preparation and an obscene amount of money spent on booze. We made sangria and jello shots, and I think we kept the people happy. The only drawback was the fact that it was approximately the temperature of a sauna (... in the Amazon. . . in hell) in our apartment and people were sweating buckets. The best cure for dehydration is, of course, alcohol, so everyone came out of it okay. Whew. Somehow the night wound up with the remaining guests, most of us with jello chunks stuck in our teeth, trapising into Harvard Square to a bar, and then to IHOP at approximately 4 in the morning. And people say Boston isn't as cool as New York -- yo, big deal that Butter stays open till 4 -- I'd like to see where the Olsen twins are gonna go if they want a spinach omelette at 3:50 AM.

My IHOP omelette was delicious, by the way. What better way to end a night? Oh, this way -- come home to your apartment and eat all the remaining party food while talking about nonsense with your roommate until 6 AM, which is what Elise and I did. I really believe that splitting that bowl of beer nuts helped us both wake up feeling bright and chipper the next morning. Seriously.

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