Saturday, September 29, 2007

A message to you, Boston

Hey Boston. You're on notice. Remember how I wrote that glowing -- well, almost glowing -- post a little while ago saying about how I'd reconsidered my dislike of Boston and its inhabitants based on some mildly positive experiences I've had this year? Don't make me go back on that, Boston.

Today, while running around Fresh Pond, I was reminded, once again, of how cold and unfriendly certain people can be around here. Maybe this is just a yuppie Cambridge thing, but why, WHY are runners here incapable of smiling back or at least nodding when they pass each other? I noticed this phenomenon when I first visited Harvard back during my senior year of college, when I went running along the Charles and no one returned my little smiles or nods. And, to add (potential) injury to insult, two separate people let their dogs lunge at me. One lady even laughed. Totally evil, right? It was particularly traumatic for a rabies-averse girl like myself. And I know I have moaned about this before, but come on. It takes more muscles to frown, Boston!

During my run today, I started off smiling/nodding and occasionally waving at every runner I passed. Here's the conclusion I reached about halfway around the pond: every woman in Cambridge is a b****. Notice I said "woman." The men were slightly friendlier. Funny how that works. Anyway, the Ma**hole factor was kind of annoying but what really irked me was that every single dog at that damn pond was unleashed. What is it with people here? Do they WANT their dogs to bite people? Is that what it takes to make Cambridge residents smile? Well too bad, because I'm not taking that bullet again.

So there you go, Boston/Cambridge. You've been warned. Don't let me down.

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  1. the guys were probably nice to you because they wanted sex or something. and the girls couldnt have been worse than the argentine ice cream girls