Saturday, November 29, 2008

If I had a time machine...

... I would go back to high school in many different eras and take pictures of myself wearing each era's clothes and hairstyles. What? Isn't that what everyone would do with a time machine?

Anyway, turns out I don't need to bend the space-time continuum to make that dream come true, because I discovered the website Here are the fabulous results. Prepare yourself.

First, some context. Steph in 2008:

Steph in 1960:

Steph in 1966 (blonde!):

Steph in 1968:

Steph in 1978 (Mexican-Irish-Italiafro):

Steph in 1990:

Conclusions: I should really look into getting a pair of cat-eye glasses, AND I look good with an afro. Am I right?

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