Sunday, January 04, 2009

Argentina, round 4

Buenas tardes, mi gente. I am writing to you all from my lovely rented apartment in Buenos Aires. I got here today after a long and sleepless day-night-day of travel, including a ten-hour red-eye flight from JFK that had such rough turbulence, I really thought the plane was going to fall out right of the sky. It was one of those flights where if you look around the plane during the turbulent bits, you'll make eye contact with lots of other people gripping their seats with white knuckles and glancing around nervously to see if anyone else is freaking out. My policy in these situations is to look towards the flight attendants; as long as they seem calm, I'm okay. But you know stuff is bad when the flight attendants are looking around nervously and gripping their seats with white knuckles. It's like seeing your doctor get queasy when taking your blood.

Anyway, this is my fourth time in this city, and I am hoping it'll be the best. As you'll recall, I worked here in the summer (Argentine winter) of 2007 at a human rights NGO. That was the coldest summer of my life. Now I'm here in the dead of (American) winter and it's 87 degrees Fahrenheit -- more my speed.

All I've done today is get settled, take a long walk around Recoleta, get groceries, and hang out at home, pretending to do work. Since my dear friend Karen isn't back from her vacation yet, I am using this opportunity to stay in and rest up before the fun starts.

More to come! Chau chau.

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