Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brazilian Idols

Okay, I'll admit it: when I used to watch it (before it sucked) the best part of American Idol for me was always the really terrible auditions. You know, the ones where someone comes in with a dream and a prayer (and a terrible voice) and the judges mercilessly shoot them down and send them home in tears? My favorites are actually the ones where the auditioner argues with the judges or tries desperately to prove how talented he or she really is, sometimes by dancing. It never works.

Does this make me a bad person?


Oh well. So, even though I have seen some truly coo-coo stuff on American Idol, there is something even more hilarious about the rejects from the Brazilian version of the show, Ídolos Brasil. I don't know how I stumbled upon this clip, which is entitled "the best of the worst" of Brazilian Idols, but I did, and it is incredible. I suppose the clip might lose something if you don't speak Portuguese, but probably not. The outfits, hair, jewelry, and general Brazilianness of the whole thing should speak for itself.

My favorite guy has to be the one who sung that "Numa numa ne" Romanian song (in Portuguese) and steadfastly ignored the judges as they repeatedly tried to cut him off. That dancing cannot be contained! I also love how the judges openly laugh at the contestants. The Brazilian Paula is actually mean, turns out. I think I like her better than our Paula.

Don't get me wrong, I am not dissing Brazilian talent. In my opinion, Brazil is one of the most musically rich countries in the world, and on average, probably has more people who can actually sing than the U.S. But Brazil also has a special wackiness that makes it one of the most endearing places in the world, and produces some of the most hilarious wanna-be ídolos EVER.

Perhaps this next clip, which might be the best thing I have seen (except for the Susan Boyle video -- love her), will make it clearer:


I love you, Brazil.


  1. Wow. I thought American Idol, or the whole "Idol" show was only in the US, UK, and Italy.

    Leave it to Simon to hoe himself out.

  2. hahaha and OMG...I thought Coca-Cola was the sponsor...where is the coke people....keep me employed.

    OMG..CREU. SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG. That makes the videos you made even MORE funny...you nailed the upspeak DEAD on. I love you

  3. If you ever watched the video that John made where he's pretending to be a rapper from Minas Gerais (an interior state in Brazil), you'll understand even more why this video is SO hilarious. I am glad you like it, Rach!