Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turkish Humor?

Okay, so this video is exactly what it looks like: a Turkish TV anchorman in blackface reporting on Obama. I listened to the video and heard the word "negro" and "Obama" but everything else was, you know, in Turkish.

Oh, Turkey! You're so adorably offensive!

The best part of the whole thing are the comments left on YouTube defending the anchorman and claiming that Turks are not racist because there are no black people in Turkey. For example, one person helpfully explained, "speech has NO REFERENCE TO skin color since the history of skin color is FOREIGN in Turkey...we may replace "black face" with BLUSHING, as you ask someone a favor. Anchor tried to play on words by use of Turkish proverbs since Obama used a TUrkish proverb in his speech. LOST IN TRANSLATION." This person has a point: it IS easy to confuse greasy black paint for blush. Who hasn't made that mistake before?

Someone else wrote, "shortly,we havent any problem with skin color of obama,we have some concerns contiuning for a long time.that video explains them.He said a Turkish idiom:" a person who wants something has dark skin yet, a person who doesnt give anything has darker skin than a person wanting"(translated roughly) as you watch ,due to this idiom,he painted his face black and he is requesting something related to policies of america about Türkiye."

Oh, okay. That doesn't sound racist at all.

Here's the thing, Turkish anchorman. You may not have black people in your country, but you can still make a racist joke (even unintentionally). Next time, skip the blackface AND the monumental string music in the newscast, and you'll do much better.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Best post ever!

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    This is really, really bizarre the fact that this even exists at all.

  3. Um, that's the newscaster's actual skin color...

    And you, madame, really just hurt his feelings.