Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet Apathy

Yeah, so I didn't vote yesterday. I had been up since 5, and after a long day spent working, gymming, eating, and watching 2 Jeff Daniels movies with Emily, I just couldn't muster the strength I needed to walk the 2 blocks uphill to the polling place to make my voice heard as a citizen of California.

My grandparents and I were discussing the propositions, including the one that would provide more funding for public libraries. My grandmother and I agreed that libraries were probably a good thing to fund, and I even went so far as to say, "Honestly, who votes against libraries?" -- at which point my grandfather gruffly said that libraries "weren't that important," and that he would certainly vote against giving them any more money. Yeah, screw those corrupt, money-grubbing, decadent houses of sin!

It doesn't matter that I didn't vote, because the dude I was going to vote for in the dem primary, Phil Angelides, won anyway. But seriously, it doesn't matter, since in California you have to be a registered Democrat to vote for a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary. And since I am an Independent, or else not registered with a party (I forget which, whoops), I wouldn't have been allowed to cast a ballot, so... whatever.

But, if I HAD been allowed to vote, I think I would have been more informed than half the hairbrains in the polling place, because I spent a good 10, maybe 15 minutes reading the candidates' websites, and I decided that I would vote for Angelides because: a) he has a cool name, and b) he is not a computer programmer OR a real estate broker. Actually, my decision was more complex than that, but only slightly.

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  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Just one prob: your particular polling place is in Pali