Sunday, June 18, 2006

Vamos Brasileiros!

Alright, I guess soccer IS kinda fun, especially when it's Brazil beating Australia's butt at the World Cup. Today, in a show of support for os brasileiros, I wore my World Cup Havianas AND my Brazil rubber bracelet (soooo fashionable), and at the gym (where I watched the game), I wore my Sao Paulo 10k tee-shirt. I guess this qualifies me as a superfan, huh.

Brazil won 2-0, by the way. Booyah!

My cousins and I also showed support for Brazilian culture last night by eating ourselves silly at Espetus Churrascaria on Market for Emily's birthday. Uh, two words: holy crap. I haven't had a meat hangover like this since I was actually in South America. To add to the fun of the evening, two of the servers offering us chicken innards and parmesan beef were these Brazilian dudes who work with me at the hostel. One of them was very shy and got embarrassed when Emily asked him if he recognized me, but he couldn't run away from our table because he had pork tenderloin, and we weren't about to let THAT get away.

I think I ate more pao de queijo, palm hearts and filet mignon last night than should be allowed, except maybe in a competitive eating setting. Actually, I wonder if there is some sort of competition (with cash prize, preferably) involving pao de queijo consumption. If there is, I want to immediately sign my cousins Amanda, John, Emily, and Michael up for it, because between the five of us last night, I think we ate enough of that stuff to feed an entire favela for a week or so. If anyone has information on pao de quiejo contests, please email me promptly.

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