Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Feliz Dia Internacional de Mulher

Happy International Women's Day, everyone! Ladies around the world, enjoy it, because tomorrow, it's back to business.

This morning as I was leaving my gym, I was regaled with a single, yellowy-pink rose, just for being a girl. Awww...

Another weird thing that happened this morning: I was walking from Reebok to my office, rose in hand, thinking that this was possibly the worst walk to work I've ever had, despite the rose -- you see, after I work out, I can't cool off, and it's like a bazillion degrees (Celcius) outside, and I was sweating profusely, feeling sorry for myself -- when I saw this guy sitting on the sidewalk. He was skinny and shirtless, and had blood running all over his chest. It looked fake, like horror-movie blood -- too red and splashy -- but it was real. There was another man helping him, calmly asking the porteiro at the nearest building to call for help, so I didn't stop, but as I walked by, I saw that the guy had blood running all down his chin and neck, too. He looked stunned. I think he probably had gotten a bunch of teeth knocked out, which explains the bloody chin and chest. Seeing him put my "worst walk to work ever" into pretty clear perspective.

Now THAT guy had a bad morning. At least I have all my teeth intact, AND I have a beautiful rose on my computer.

What's weird is that the man I saw today was the second bloodied person I have seen on my office's street since I have worked here. One day I was walking to lunch and I saw some lady lying in the middle of the road, with people all around her. I guess she got hit by a car -- or a motoboy, or a bike, or one of those weird bike-cart things that people use to haul around assorted trash and spare parts. All of this brings me back to the following point -- traffic in São Paulo is insane. You take your life in your hands every time you step off the curb. Actually, you don't even have to step off the curb, as people are allowed to drive motorcycles on the sidewalk here (

Life is nuts. At least it's Women's Day!

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