Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rainy Salvador

Well, I did it. Somehow I managed to move all my crap out of my apartment, pack everything into two suitcases, pay all my bills (I think) and get on a plane to Salvador this morning. Boy, it was quite a morning. I couldn't sleep last night, I was so anxious and excited, and I woke up at 5:45 to use the crappy mini-gym in my apartment one last time, just for old times' sake. After showering and stuffing the remaining items to be packed into the crevices of my luggage, I was all ready to go. I was struggling to get out of the elevator with my medium suitcase, my little suitcase, my hugely overstuffed carry-on and my computer, sort of looking imploringly at the mean front-desk guy, when he asked me if I was leaving for good. I said yes, and instead of helping me with my unruly luggage, he gave me a dirty look and made some phone calls, only to tell me a few minutes later that I owed R$4.80 at the restaurant. So I had to rummage around in my carry-on for my wallet so I could pay my HUGE bill, and the guy STILL didn't help me get all my crap to the taxi! Of course, the day I am bidding Topee Lifee goodbye, the ONE mean desk guy has to be working. Oh well.

The flight to Salvador was smooth as peanut butter. I also got to help an old lady get out of her seatbelt when we landed, which was gratifying, because it made me feel useful and dexterous. Anyway, I had initially been planning on staying in this hostel in Pelourinho (city center of Salvador) till Emily got here tomorrow, but then I realized, shoot, I have a lot of luggage and my computer and it would sort of suck if it got stolen by some shady hostelgoer. So I switched gears and went to this hotel where I am now, which is in Pituba, supposedly the cheapest beach in Salvador. The hotel seems okay. Plaid bedspreads, a couple of channels on TV, AC (woohooooo) and locks on the doors. Basically all I need, ya know. Right now it is raining and I am not sure how safe the area is, so I think I am pretty much relegated to the hotel for the rest of the day. Booooring. Thank God my cousin will be here tomorrow. Tonight promises a lot of crossword puzzling and Brazilian novelas. Ugh. But at least my vacay has begun....


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    happy vacay!!

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