Monday, March 13, 2006

OOoh baBy bAby!

Couple of things. First, there was a fantastic article about São Paulo F***ing city today in the New York Times, talking about how hip and fashionable it is. Yeah!!

It's great because most articles about SP that you read in foreign newspapers/magazines are like, "it's ugly and there's smog and everyone drives around wearing dark suits in bulletproof cars, smoking." Which I guess is partly true, but there are also frou-frou hotels (like the Unique, my fave), fancy schmancy shopping and mouth-watering, incredible food. So there.

Other stuff. Today is my cousin Catie Rose Beck's 23rd birthday. She was born this day in 1983 in San Francisco, California, to proud parents Dan and JoAnn ("River-o") Beck Parabens para ela! Love ya, cuz.

What else. Oh yeah, only 3 days of work left, counting today, which is terribly exciting. I spent the weekend packing and realized that I actually don't have as much stuff as I thought I did, which is both refreshing and a bit sad. I am going to have to leave some things behind, though, like my George Foreman grill, the only gift I have ever received from my work. George holds a lot of significance for me, but he's not gonna make it back to the US -- weird Brazilian plugs and not worth the hassle, I'm afraid.

I am also leaving behind various kitchen implements and lots of scraps of paper with addresses written on them and assorted toiletries, including zillions of free samples of awful, gunky shampoo that I dutifully took every day from my gym. I figured, I'm paying R$300 a month to the Reebok establishment, I am gonna take as much free shampoo as they can hand out. Anyway, whomever lives in Top Life next is going to be one lucky person, what with all the grilling and the shampooing that they'll be able to do.

Nothing else. I almost went to the movies on Sunday ("Capote" was supposed to be playing at 1 pm) but when I got there, the theater hadn't opened yet and the next showing was 3 hours later, so I gave up, went home and watched American Idol, AGAIN. It never gets velho.

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  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I look forward to more of your scintillating insights...and not just cuz I'm your mother either!