Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Macho Macho MACHO!

Instead of being good law students, my friend Dan VanTasma and I tonight exchanged a series of feverish emails about one of our favorite topics ever -- the wonderful weirdness that is Chile.

Just to give you some background, we studied abroad there back in the day (2003), and had many experiences that we still like to reflect upon today instead of doing torts reading. Just a few examples: when that bus we were on ran over a guy's foot. What about that time Dan bought a hat that was essentially a combination hat-mullet, thus defining the inimitable "hullet?" And let's not even get into the Chullets.

ANYWAY, enough background. So Dan somehow managed to dig up this video that we always talk about, the "Chile, la alegria ya viene" video. For those of you ignorant f***s who do not know detailed Chilean political history, in 1989 there was an opposition campaign to vote out the Pinochet dictatorship, and it won. And the REASON it won was because there was an ingenious media campaign organized by the human rights movement in Chile to overcome overwhelming fear among Chileans to oppose the dictatorship. Anyway they put these kind of PSA/music video/skit segments on TV for a while encouraging people not to be afraid to vote out Pinochet, and promising that if Chile restored democracy, people would be happier.

The best part of all of this is that one of our *super dreamy* professors in Chile, Ignacio Walker -- currently the Chilean foreign minister -- helped organize this whole "La alegria ya viene" thing, and showed us the video in class, all the while pointing out all the celebrities he knew and had helped rally to make the video. I think at one point he even pointed out the back of his own head in the footage. He's awesome. He's so awesome that no one even minded him name-dropping because we all were secretly in love with him. ALL of us. I mean, the guy's married to the Chilean Gloria Estefan. He's hot.

Sooo, extremely long story short, Dan found the video on YouTube, and here it is:

Now, I bet a lot of you will watch this video and think, "What the f***?" But that's kind of the beauty of it. And maybe it's just because living in Chile for three months makes you a little Chi-chi-chi le-le-LOCO, but the discovery of this video really was exciting news for me and Dan. Actual emails exchanged:

Me: OH NO YOU DIDn'T!@@@

this made my day. no, my week.

No, my life.



i've seriously watched the alegria ya viene one 10 times in a row now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i think his wife was in this clip, BUT i think the video he showed had a "making of" segment that might have featured her, AND there was a part where his daughter sang or said something in the middle of the futbol stadium -- must find those.

... and so on, until we had unearthed a video from the opening credits from our favorite telenovela, "Machos," which was seriously a Chilean national obsession when we were there. Like, when two of the *fictional* characters got married in an episode, it was on the front page of *actual* Chilean newspapers the next day. To truly appreciate how ridiculous that is, please watch the following:

I miss Chile so much. Chi chi chi, le le le, viva Chile!!!

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  1. Seriously, it's been like 3 years or something, but just the thought of Ignacio Walker gets me hot. Right?