Monday, July 31, 2006


Snopping = shopping + snobbiness.

Anyone who has ever been into an upscale mall is familiar with the concept of snopping. It's the idea that not everyone is good enough to enter the hallowed halls of say, Bebe, and that those who work in the shop, let's call them The Chosen, have the right, even duty to remind lowly shoppers that they are ugly, fat, and probably poor.

The other day, I was cruising around the San Francisco Shopping Center (Centre?), a multistory mall that includes a healthy mix of mid-level snoppery (Club Monaco) and shameless ho-clothes-stores (Wet Seal). I was in search of a nice summer dress, since I don't have one, and I went into BCBG Max Azria. I love BCBG dresses -- I have bought quite a few in the past and they have never let me down -- but I am aware of the semi-snoppy vibe of the place. For example, they generally only display sizes 2, 4, and 6 on the racks and keep the rest in the back, which is just silly.

So anyway, I was walking around, looking at pretty dresses on the racks, minding my own business, when a skinny woman with a scarf tied around her neck approached me. She was clearly a manager, since I had seen her training two girls when I first walked in. She smiled sappily at me and said, "If you're having trouble finding your size, we have additional sizes in the back."

"Oh," I said, shocked. "Uh, thanks."

It took me a few seconds to process that this lady was snarkily implying that I was a bigger gal who needed LARGER than a size 6 -- the IDEA! Actually, I wear a 4, and I don't know what crack this lady was smoking by suggesting otherwise, but here's the thing. Even if I was a size 8 and had somehow managed to be crane-lifted out of my house that morning and wedged through the doors to BCBG by my nurse, I could probably ask a sales associate for my size (assuming that BCBG carries such ridiculously outsized items). Ya know? It was so obvious that this bitchy lady just wanted to remind me that I was not skinny by Max Azria's standards, and she needed other people to hear it.

But, screw her, because I ended up buying a dress for 50% off, size SMALL. Eat your heart out, snop.

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