Friday, July 21, 2006

Snow Patrol

DO go and buy Snow Patrol's CD "Eyes Open." Soooo worth it. The last CD I bought before this was Jotaquest, in Brazil, and before that, Funk Brasil, also in Brazil (shocker), but before that, I can't even remember, because buying CDs is so 1998. However, I had three $5 Borders gift certificates -- rewards from selling lots of tours and airport shuttles at work -- so I decided to put my $15 to good use and buy some music, since my itunes hasn't functioned for over a year. Also, $15 only gets you about 3/4 of a book nowadays, so I wasn't gonna waste it on that.

Anyway I bought the Snow Patrol CD because I really like that song "Chasing Cars" that I have been hearing on the radio -- enough to put it on my myspace profile, which is serious business -- and I figured their other songs had to be somewhat decent, too. I was right. The CD is great. I listened to the whole thing on repeat for my six hour shift yesterday, and someone in the lobby even came up and asked me what band it was and said how cool it was. Yeayah.

Right now I am listening to my ipod, Scissor Sisters, "Get It Get It." Listening to this song makes me sort of wish I were a fabulous skinny gay man in leather pants. You know how that goes.

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