Saturday, September 30, 2006

Human Riiiiiiights....

I spent from 9 to 6 today doing a training program for the Human Rights Advocates program here. It managed to be exhilarating, inspiring, overwhelming, exhausting, and confusing. The morning started off on a high note with Dunkin' Donuts and Ken Roth, the director of Human Rights Watch (!!!!). His speech was great, really inspiring and down-to-earth. He took a really pragmatic -- yet principled -- approach to advocacy for human rights issues, and talked to us about torture conventions. Very interesting. I just couldn't get over the fact that the program brought in Roth today and had Paul Hoffman (prominent human rights litigator) speak to us the night before. I guess I got a little human rights star-struck. Cool.

Anyway, as the day progressed and more and more ubercomplicated theories and ideas were thrown at us, I started to get more and more exhausted/disoriented. By the time I got to my second "interest group breakout session," my eyes were starting to close and I had pretty much given up on trying to understand how to bring a complaint before the Inter-American human rights commission, or whatever they were trying to teach us. I was sitting in the front row, struggling to understand how the Commission varies from the Court, and whether they both fall under the Convention, or if they are granted power from the Charter, and my eyes were fluttering open and shut. Oof.

Still, I think it is going to be a really good organization to get involved with, and I am super excited to get first-hand experience with human rights projects. Wheeeeee.

After the training, Elise and I were so tired -- bordering on burnt out -- that we went to Harvard Square for some sinus-clearing Thai food and then saw the Illusionist. Edward Norton always brightens my day, even if he is in period dress with big dark circles under his eyes. Hot. I don't even care.

After that, the closest I came to doing homework tonight was when I turned on Law and Order SVU for a few minutes -- that counts, right? Now I am sort of leaning towards going to bed so I can get up tomorrow and do all the homework that I did not do today. Yay learning.

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