Sunday, September 10, 2006


I can't think of a better title for this post except "M&Ms." It might be because I just came from the Dean's Dinner, where they gave each guest a little pack of "crimson" Harvard M&Ms. I would almost gag if they weren't so delicious.

The Dean's dinner was actually really nice. The stated dress was business casual, which for Stephanie implies a bright green halter dress with a cardigan over it and fake pearls from H&M. I sweated through the entire dinner because my dress was teetering on the border of revealing/inappropriate and I didn't want to give my fellow law students a bad impression/wardrobe malfunction by taking off my cardigan.

Anyway, the Dean spoke, and our criminal law professor spoke, we ate sea bass and cheese cake, drank wine, and felt warm and fuzzy all around. I spoke to some people who I hadn't yet met in my section and left feeling pretty good about law school and life in general. Maybe that was the wine talking. Or maybe it was the M&Ms.

The whole weekend was good, actually. It involved a lot of bar-hopping, beer swilling, crazy dancing to Journey, wandering aimlessly around swanky areas of Boston, and coffee drinking. On Saturday, instead of studying -- which is actually what I should be doing now -- some girl friends and I went to Boston to "shop," and ended up spending from 2 pm to 9 pm breezing in and out of the stores around Newbury St., none of us actually buying anything.

The best thing that happened was when we decided to go to dinner at a very nice looking Italian restaurant and Elise saw a mouse skittering across the floor. The waiters tried to pretend like nothing was wrong, but COME on. We ended up leaving, and the manager apologized for the rodent problem, but at least we got free diet cokes and a bread basket out of it.

Okay, I really should be finishing my reading since it is 11 pm and I have 8:50 am class tomorrow. Oof.

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