Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The pace of my blogging has slowed somewhat since I am no longer floating freely between international borders. But rest assured, life is still wonderful here in San Francisco. Work at the hostel is always interesting. Like, on my first day of working by myself, I got to call an ambulance (for a girl whose "emergency" was a sore ankle)! That was thrilling, especially when the dispatcher asked me if the patient was vomiting blood, and I got to say no.

Tomorrow night, all of the receptionists and other staff members get to go up to a cabin in Muir Woods for the night (FOR FREE), because this travel company called Incredible Adventures (we sell their tours in the hostel) wants us all to experience one of their tours firsthand, or something. Whatever, free trip. My manager called to tell me the details and said, "I don't know exactly what we'll be doing up there....I guess just getting drunk." Works for me.

Speaking of getting drunk, last night I went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents. We went to an Italian place in Nob Hill called Venticello (http://www.venticello.com/). It was really picturesque, the food was nice, the waiter was knowledgeable, and the wine flowed freely. A little TOO freely, actually. I drank entirely too much, but I blame it on my dad, since he claimed our second bottle of wine, which was a California Sangiovese, tasted like Vic's 44 cough syrup and did not pull his weight in drinking it. That meant the burden of finishing the bottle fell on me and my 91 pound grandmother -- oof. I pushed matters further after dinner by ordering a Frangelico on the rocks. Oh MAN, is Frangelico good. I wish I smelled like that.

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