Saturday, August 19, 2006

Free bird

I am at work. When I'm at work, I do things like take pictures of myself with my computer (see sidebar) and compulsively download podcasts. I now subscribe to "Yoga Today" and "The Hills: Aftershow." You can't beat the aftershow: it's free, AND you get to see the inside of Jason's car. Speaking of Jason from The Hills, did you know he is my friend on It's true. Julia doubts the legitimacy of J. Wahler's profile, but I know it's for real. Only the REAL Jason would post this on his profile:

Yeah yeah and if your going to leave me a comment dont just say 'your hott' or 'whats up' because I wont reply to that. Because if you say hott the only thing I can say is thank you and if you ask whats up all I'm going to say is checking myspace.. I mean the obvious. And if you want to send me an email I'm sorry, my mailbox gets overloaded with fan mail, so I put up an away message, sorry guys.

Oh, Jason. I'm only saying this because we're such good friends, but...get over yourself.

Anyway, this is my last day of work at Stanford. Hard to believe -- it feels like I am really severing ties with this place, movin' on, movin' out. I guess it's about time, seeing as I graduated in 2005 yet am somehow still employed as a "student worker" a year later. I will never really sever ties with Stanny, of course. I love this place, and always will.

But I guess it is time to move on: I'm sitting here at the Alumni Center with my Harvard Law School 1L Orientation Reading Materials in front of me. The next frontier! Exciting and all, but it's gonna be hard to end my summer in San Francisco; it really has been awesome.

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