Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Self-Absorbed Time Capsule

Cheesy and self-indulgent thought exercise alert!

If you could put 10 items in a box to give future generations an idea about your own day-to-day life, what would you put in it? My time capsules, like most people's, would tend to be pretty situational, because the tangibles that fit into, say, my life in Brazil are drastically different from the items that would sum up my life here. Like, if I were to make a time capsule representing my entire stay in Sao Paulo, it would probably include the following:

1. Haden mango
2. pair of pink Havianas
3. pao de queijo, fresh-baked!
4. Tribalistas cd
5. cigarette-smelly clothes after long night of clubbing
6. a bottle of Malbec
7. a Petrobras access card
8. fake Chanel sunglasses
9. my couch, which would no doubt be the smallest item in the time capsule
10. Academia Reebok id card

If I were to make a time capsule summing up my life in Buenos Aires, it would have these items:

1. slab of meat
2. bottle of Malbec
3. pair of bronze high heels
4. tight-ass jeans
5. vodka-and-diet-coke cocktail
6. cheap hair accessories
7. hostel blanket
8. another slab of meat
9. dulce de leche ice cream cone
10. big fake leather purse

My life this summer in San Francisco would have the following:

1. muni pass
2. hostel staff tee-shirt
3. my dirty running shoes
4. green backpack
5. hand sanitizer
6. fro-yo with sprinkles
7. bling from H&M
8. Snow Patrol cd
9. stripey shirts: red and white, black and white, pink and white
10. cell phone with "say my name" polyphonic ringtone. awww yeah

But see, it's hard to sum up one's life with THINGS, isn't it?

Well, not that hard, actually. Please see above.

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