Monday, August 28, 2006

San DiYAYgo

Okay, Lisa and I just watched Urban Cowboy (twice in one week!), ate COld Stone ice cream, chocolate-covered pretzels and Reeces pieces, and laid around like fat lards. God, this weekend has been great. We deserved a rest because the last two nights here were absolutely nuts. This "morning" (12:30) when we dragged ourselves out of bed, I said to Karen and Lisa that I didn't think we had had such a crazy night since college. I love being with these girls, and being with them in San Diego is wonderful because it's so laid-back, warm, beachy and sunny here. True relaxation.

I will write more details later because Lisa and I are about to pop in a Mark Ruffalo movie and Karen is on her way back to the house, but here's a brief recap. Friday night, Lisa hosted a bbq at her place and tons of people showed up. We grilled up chicken, sausage and veggies and played flip-cup, then went out to a bar for some dancing. Karen and I peeled out early since we had been up since 4 am to catch an early flight out of Oakland, and we both passed out on Lisa's couches when we got home.

Saturday we spent the day shopping off our hangovers, and then Saturday night we all went to the Dave Matthews concert in Chula Vista. We girls organized quite the gourmet tailgate in Lisa's friend's Jeep, with wine, cheese, baguettes, pretzels, hummus, salame, grapes, veggies, and, of course, beer. A bunch of guys showed up to help us eat and drink, then we all headed into the concert and continued to suck down the beer and have a ridiculous night. Oy. I think when I put up pictures it will all make more sense.

Today we rented bikes (I got the snazzy pink one) and drove to a beautiful beach in La Jolla. We laid around and then ventured into the frigid water for a refreshing dip. The water was so cold that my feet were white when I came out, brrrr. The rest of the day was spent hanging out, eating sushi, stuffing our faces with junk food, and watching movies. What a perfect weekend. All three of us are sad that Karen and I are leaving tomorrow, sigh. At least we got this last reunion before I move to the East Coast. Yay.

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