Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weird things. All of which are unrelated.

I am weirded out. I just got my schedule for Harvard Law School. Like, actual classes with actual books and professors and classrooms, starting September 5. Yeah, as in, September 5 2006, three weeks from now. So, I guess this means I need to buy school supplies. I actually have to go to a store and purchase pens and college-ruled notebook paper.


The very idea of studying and books and legal writing and the hallowed halls of Harvard is giving me the major heebie jeebies.

Other weird things that have been on my mind: beauty. Why do we suffer for it so? Both my cousin Emily and I went to our waxing lady, Sandy Tu, yesterday. Sandy Tu operates out of the back room of a creepy little salon called Urban Beauty on 20th and Irving. The first time we went in, a lady was cutting hair in the front room and the hair was everywhere, piles of it. E and I sat under a poster showing the options available for "eyebrow embroidery" (?) and tried not to inhale the hair floating in the atmosphere. Eventually, after much ado, Sandy ushered us one by one into the back room, where she worked her magic.

Anyway, Emily's experience yesterday was slightly more horrific than mine (unlike last time) as Sandy Tu actually drew blood from Emily.

"Oh, your skin so thin," she said, tsk-ing, as if it was my cousin's fault that Sandy Tu had forcibly ripped hair out hard enough for E to BLEED. Actual blood! Yet, both of us keep crawling back for more, like sick little puppies that like to be kicked. It's sort of satisfying to suffer a little bit when you know the end result is going to be fabulous; it's the same principle that guides me to wear shoes that shred my feet into ribbons after three wobbly steps. A little blood is a small price to pay to look cute (and three inches taller), right?

Other weird things: tomorrow is my last day of work at the hostel. How time has flown. My manager tried to suck as much use out of me as possible by putting me on every day and having me train a new receptionist yesterday. I have to leave my mark behind on this place somehow, I guess.

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