Sunday, April 09, 2006


I didn't end up partaking of the many fondue opportunities in Gramado last night. Instead, I walked around, got ice cream, went back to the hostel and furtively ate ham and cheese sandwiches in my room for dinner. I HATE dining alone (in public, that is) so I figured I might as well watch Brazilian soaps when I ate my dinner.

This morning I got up, went running into town (which was a bit tough because of the altitude, surprisingly), came back, got breakfast at the bakery across the street -- rolls, ham, cheese, little tea cakes, and the best café com leite I have had in a long time -- then walked into town (AGAIN) to go to mass and buy my bus ticket.

Mass was nice. It's Holy Week so they did a procession with palm leaves, which was quite beautiful. When I left the church, I was surprised to see that the temperature had dropped several degrees and fog had descended on the town. It's downright chilly; I might have to bust out the cardigan.

Anyway, my bus for Caxias do Sul leaves at 2, more when I get there.

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