Sunday, April 30, 2006

My life in these United States

Whoa, slowly readjusting to the USA.

Yesterday I took muni downtown to get my haircut at Chakra, my man Thomas' new salon on Sutter. It's one of those airy, Aveda concept salons where they offer you water, wine (!), or weird Aveda tea as soon as you walk in the door. I took the water -- it was lemony. It was lovely getting my hair worked over by Thomas. He told me about his trip to India -- he did a lot of yoga -- and his plans to enroll in an alternative college in San Francisco where you sit on cushions and the professors are all swamis. Go boy!

After my first real hair appointment in over 9 months, I felt refreshed, so I walked around downtown a bit, past Union Square, down by Powell and Market, with the obligatory stop in DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). The crowd down in that area is the same as it always is -- tourists with shopping bags, San Francisco people in padded jackets and boots, and a crapload of crazy people of all stripes. I couldn't decide where I fit in -- tourist, native, crazy? I most felt like some sort of weird South American tourist who didn't pack proper clothing for the chilly (freezing) San Francisco spring. I was wearing sparkly gold flip flops, cuffed jeans, a tank top and a little half sweater over it, and I was freezing my booty off. I kept noticing how many people were wearing gloves and hats -- wimps!!!

The evening back with my family was spent eating dinner (where my grandfather and I attacked a chicken carcass for a good hour after dinner, oh boy), and hanging out with Emily down in her apartment. We watched the goofiest (yet creepiest!) movie called Identity, about a guy with multiple personalities who kills a bunch of people and then goes through therapy, which causes his personalities to kill each other off to see who wins. Thrilling. Not to give it away or anything, but the creepy child personality ends up winning. Oh, whoops.

So guess what I am doing today? Job interviews with HOSTELS in SF!! Yeah... I guess I can't get out of the traveling loop!! Wish me luck.

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