Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Valleys and Peaks

I am feeling like a new person after getting two nights of sleep for the first time since arriving in Buenos. Last night I walked to the corner and got myself a chicken sandwich, and chatted with a Brazilian dude who was trying to ask the waiter if the bus station was close to the train station -- I helped him. I came back, ate my sandwich, chatted to an American girl who is in my room now, and then went to bed at 11:30.

I woke up this morning at 9:15, went for a little run down to the eco reserve and back, ate breakfast, then set out for a three hour shopping trek. I found a cute pair of jeans, a cheap gray sweater, and a present for Isabel, my little ex-host sister in Chile. She is ten now, which is sort of a cusp age, but I think she should still be into dolls and stuff, and if not, tough break. I got her a Barbie (but not one that encourages eating disorders because it looks like a little girl, not an impossibly shaped woman), and a Barbie make-your-own-sparkly-jewelry kit. Last time I was in Chile she was 8, and sort of getting into makeup and slutty clothes, which I found horrifying, but I am going to try to nip that tendency in the bud by giving her age-appropriate toys. You WILL play with Barbie and you WILL like it, dang it!

Anyway, my feet started to hurt about half an hour ago, despite my 1:30 ice cream break, so I came back to the hostel to gather my strength for a bit. I might try to go out and get depilaci├│n, but I am hesitant since I don`t know how to say the part of my body that I want waxed in Spanish. I miss Brazilian beauty parlors because they are all so crappy looking that they are not intimidating, whereas here, the salons all look snooty and fashionable, and I feel weird walking in and making obscene gestures to indicate what process I want done. Hmm, dilemma.

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