Sunday, April 02, 2006

Last days of the Cousin Honeymoon in Salvador

So I realized I forgot to write about Emily's and my last days in Salvador. A couple things bear mentioning... here goes. We got up in the morning, ate a yummy brekky at Refugio da Vila, then got in a cab to go back to Salvador to stay in the fabulous Hotel Cocoon. It wasn't until we arrived at the airport in Salvador that we realized the cab driver thought we wanted to go to the airport, not to the hotel, and when we told him where we wanted to go, he got all nervous and confused because he normally just goes to the airport and never ventures into the cidade... Long story short, he got completely lost and turned around, stopped at like 6 gas stations for directions, which he seemed to mistrust each time, and then when we finally got to the hotel (which appeared notably less fabulous in person than it did on the website) he charged us more for the ride. Whoa.

Anyway, at the Hotel Cocoon, where I had made a reservation 4 days in advance, the nice girl behind the desk informed me that my reservation had not been processed and that they had no vacancies. No room at the inn!!! Em and I sort of got the vibe from the oiled-up dudes at the pool that the Hotel Cocoon might cater to more of a homosexual, male crowd, but we were still pissed that we were being turned away. So, we called another cab and went to the fanciest hotel we could think of, the Othon Palace. Yeah, they were booked too. So, saddest thing ever, we ended up in a Residence Hotel. Yeah. It was like a shitty Topee Lifee, except with a breathtaking ocean view. We spent the day by the pool, watching an obnoxious child run wild as his parents watched impassively, then got cleaned up and went to a churrascaria for an all-you-can-eat meat extravaganza. This is becoming a pattern.

We ate SO much, it was ridiculous. Midway into the meal we started laughing giddily, and two youthful waiters who had been loitering by our table, trying to give us chicken hearts, hump meat, and caiprinihas, started making fun of us, sort of trying to flirt, but failing. Aw. That night we went back, watched some bloody movie on HBO 2, and woke up to the glorious view of Salvador in the morning. The next day, we ventured into Pelourinho to buy some more typically Brazilian trinkets and try to see some capoeira. Disappointing all around, especially given the utter creepiness of the capoeristas. We went to the airport to send Em off, ate a delicious lunch of Subway sandwiches, then said a sad goodbye. And that was that.

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