Friday, April 28, 2006


Okay... quick recap of my last night in Mendoza.... it is all sort of a haze, but it definitely involved drinking three different types of wine out of a plastic cup and a mug, eating a crapload of barbequed meat, then going to a bar with my new French Canadian friend Pierre-Marc (I simply can't resist men with hyphenated names, meu Deus!) and ordering a bottle of champage. Yeah. Somehow, at some point in the night, I made it back to my room, which happened to be a dorm full of boys, and struck up a conversation with 2 English 18 year old boys in football jerseys. Don't remember what we talked about but I think it was definitely deep and meaningful.

The next day I had to get on a non-airconditioned bus across the Andes with this girl Sarah that I met in the hostel. It was a loooong ride, made longer by the fact that our bus-driver seemed to have some sort of grudge against us and tried to drive away when we were purchasing alfajores and coca lights in the border kiosk. Bastards!! We narrowly escaped being left for dead at the Frontera, and made it back to Santiago, but that was a close one.

I spent my last night in Santiago watching telenovelas with Marg and Is (and I recognized some of my favorite actors from MACHOS, the teleserie that rocked my world 2 years ago), and then going to bed, where I proceeded to have weird dreams about made-up animals attacking me. Not the best night of sleep I've ever had.

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