Friday, April 14, 2006


Last night was another ridiculous Buenos Aires night. Dinner was at 10 with 15 people from the hostel. I was impressed because the dinner plans started off as just a few of the English girls and guys and myself, and we invited more and more people until there were 15 of us sitting around a table at Las Cañas. We all ate, drank, and became merry, and then made our way back to the hostel, where a party was in full swing.

The party was fun, despite the fact that it was nearly all Americans, Canadians, English, Aussies, Irish -- we could have been in London or Dublin or Melbourne. At around 2, lots of people started to go out to this club called Club 69 (ew?), but of course my group and I all pottered around until 4 or so, then decided to get our butts in gear and go to the club. When we arrived, the line was crazily long, it was drizzling and cold, and no one felt like waiting, so 6 of us packed up and went to a nearby bar.

As we were leaving the bar at 5, unbeknownst to me, one of the English dudes we were with decided to take a handful of peanuts off someone else's table as we were passing by. The Argentinians sitting at the table obviously did not appreciate some drunk ass gringo sticking his fingers in their maní, and a fight was avoided only when the Italian girl in our group apologized profusely and hustled Drunky McPeanutEater out the door before he could get his ass kicked. Sigh.

This "morning" I got up at 1 pm, only because the cleaning ladies came into my room and wanted to make the bed. I went for a slow, dazed run around the Plaza de Mayo and down to the port. I came back, feeling slightly less fuzzy, and four of us went to lunch on Avenida Florida. We had another wacky waitress who opened our cokes with her thigh, somehow, and gave us free Easter bread for dessert. Whee! We finished lunch at 5:00 and wandered down to the Casa Rosada, where we dodged pigeons and police officers, then went back to the hostel.

It´s Friday night and I imagine stuff will be happening tonight, but I also sense that my poor body can't take TOO much more of this partying pace. One can only maintain the meat-wine-beer-dance-water-sleep-meat-wine-beer-dance-water lifestyle for so many days! But I am going to do my best...

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